How to make a great first impression!

In business, 95% of all people you’ll meet will see your profile image long before they’ll meet you in person. Logically then, the best portraits for business are images that create strong connections and strengthen relationships from the outset.

personal branding, headshot and portraits

Here are some tips for creating portraits which will improve the likelihood of connecting you to your prospects:

  1. It’s all in the eyes – create eye contact with your prospects by looking down the lens and smile with your eyes.
  2. Body language – how you pose your body can play an important role in how effective your images are at connecting with your target market.
  3. Dressing for success – what you wear and how you wear it is so important. Your wardrobe should be flattering to your body type, while also complimenting your corporate branding and business style.
  4. Image quality – there really is no bigger turnoff than an image that isn’t great quality. Your eyes should always be in crisp, sharp focus. Avoid blurry, out of focus images at all cost.

How are you using the power of professional photography to grow your business?

business and personal portraits, personal branding images, headshots by Jo Westaway Photography, Brisbane

Women's portraiture

business and personal portraits, personal branding images, headshots by Jo Westaway Photography, Brisbane

Like to get your business images working harder for you with a great first impression, give Jo a call  (07) 3202 7275 or send a message below. Looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can best help you and your business.




Jo Westaway Photography - professional portrait, personal branding and head shot photographer in Brisbane

Jo is owner, photographer and visual designer of Jo Westaway Photography, creating authentic, meaningful and oh-so gorgeous portrait and personal branding photography to ensure you stand out, connect with your buyers and achieve the results you deserve in business.

Headshots and personal branding portrait images

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