Don’t let your buyers forget you?


Essential tips to get the best value from your profile images and grow your business.

Are your social media posts not quite hitting the mark lately? Have you noticed a gradual decline in the number of people they’re reaching? Concerning, isn’t it? Fewer people seeing and/or interacting with your posts means there is a massive audience base that you’re missing out on and this can severely impact your bottom line.

Let’s face it, as small business owners and professionals we work our butts off to try and get our product or service in front of people. We know not every person who views our posts or reads our blog will actually turn into a customer so when our posts aren’t even being seen it’s a pretty big deal. It can be demoralising and costly.

So what can we do to get back in front of our potential buyers and increase your bottom line? Here’s two fantastic marketing tips that might just be the answer you’re looking for.

MARKETING TIP #1: Every time we change or update our personal and business profile pictures, it shows up in ALL our followers’ news feeds. Pretty good exposure, right? And the best part is it’s free! Just think, by changing your profile pics, you’ve done the equivalent of giving yourself some prime time exposure without having to pay for a boosted post, a marketing guru or an SEO wizard.

Brisbane portraits and personal branding photography

But how can being seen on our clients’ and prospective buyers’ news feeds be good for business growth? After all, it’s just a picture of us. Shouldn’t we be putting up posts about our products or services?

Of course posts like that form part of your marketing strategy but what we’re talking about here is something far more subtle. It’s something that works on a sub-conscious level. Which leads us to ….

MARKETING TIP #2: People buy from people, not businesses. It’s true. The more we’re seen, the more we’re at the forefront of their mind. If we’re the first thing they think of when they’re in need of a product or service we offer, then we’re already ahead of the competition. Being top-of-mind means they’re also more likely to recommend us to family, friends and colleagues.  We’re just quietly saying we’re here when you need us.

personal branding, profile images, head shots and portraits

But here’s a tip – don’t overdo the swapping of profile images. Aim for about one a month on any one platform or it can start to look a bit frenzied. If you work on changing one social media platform a week (for example, Facebook one week, LinkedIn the next, followed by Instagram etc.) then you’ll get the mix about right.

If you have any questions or would like help creating images which are going to work best for you, give me a call, comment below or send an email. I’d love to help you with your portrait and personal branding needs and grow your business.




Jo Westaway Photography - professional portrait, personal branding and head shot photographer in Brisbane

Jo is owner, photographer and visual designer of Jo Westaway Photography, creating authentic, meaningful and oh-so gorgeous portrait and personal branding photography to ensure you stand out, connect with your buyers and achieve the results you deserve in business.

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