How to avoid a bad photo of you at your next business event!

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You can bet at your next networking event, workshop or business lunch, there’ll be someone taking photos on their phones or live videos.

Now if you’re like many, you’ve just cringed at the thought of unflattering images of yourself being splashed around social media – eeeck!

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Smile! Make it broad and use your eyes! Practice in front of the mirror to perfect a beautiful natural smile which you can turn on whenever you need to. Learn to feel and use the muscles move above your cheek bones to lift your eyes into a gentle squint. When you nail it you will always look fabulous!!!
  • Look into the light! Have great looking skin and eyes that sparkle simply by facing a window or doorway. To avoid dark shadows under your eyes don’t stand under strong downward pointing lights – unless the panda-eye effect is the look you’re going for!
  • Lean in close! Look confident and approachable by bending at the waist and leaning ever so slightly towards the camera.

For more tips on how to look great in your business by Jo Westaway Photography take a look here, give Jo a call on (07) 3202 7275 or drop us a line at

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Jo is owner, photographer and visual designer of Jo Westaway Photography, creating authentic, meaningful and oh-so gorgeous portrait and personal branding photography to ensure you stand out, connect with your buyers and achieve the results you deserve in business.
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