What’s the fastest way to get future clients to trust you – even before they’ve ever met you?

Customers buy from those they trust!

This phrase has never been truer than in the medical field. Patients won’t go to someone they don’t feel safe with or don’t feel they connect with.

So knowing this, how does one gain customers trust prior to ever meeting someone?

You show them!

Personal branding and head shot photography Brisbane
Brisbane photographer Jo Westaway Photography specialising in portraits, personal branding and head shots

Your body language and facial expressions in your personal branding and business images subtly send messages which will persuade clients into the direction you need them to go. So if you need them to know you are trustworthy, approachable or any other quality – show them in your photos.

Business owner, physiotherapist and mother of three, Alison joined us in the studio to invest in some personal branding portraits that she knew would display confidence and certainty to her clients, while capturing her true personality. Now when prospective clients see her online they get a true sense she is trustworthy and approachable.

How are you using the power of professional photography to capture your qualities?




If you’re serious about growing your business like Alison and wondering how professional portrait photography, personal branding and modern head shots can help you get the results you deserve, pop over to www.jowestaway.com.au.




Jo Westaway Photography - professional portrait, personal branding and head shot photographer in Brisbane

Jo is owner, photographer and visual designer of Jo Westaway Photography, creating authentic, meaningful and oh-so gorgeous portrait and personal branding photography to ensure you stand out, connect with your buyers and achieve the results you deserve in business.

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