Behind the scenes 2017


2017 has been an exceptional year, professionally and personally.

It’s been awesome meeting and working with so many talented and passionate business owners and professionals and an absolute pleasure creating powerful personal branding images for their incredible businesses.

It’s also been a blast supporting and photographing several Brisbane and Gold Coast business networking events and workshops.

Plus, we’ve had some gorgeous families come into the studio for images too!

2017 was also the beginning of WIBCo (Women in Business Co), a monthly networking group for business women, founded by Nicky Miklos-Woodley (Evergreen Coaching) and myself (Jo from Jo Westaway Photography). What a terrific experience it’s been collaborating with Nicky, co-hosting, working with the speakers, and meeting so many business women. I laugh at our initial planning conversations, ‘If we can get 5 women in the room, we’re doing it’. And look at it now: 10 events run with a total of 85 women attending. On average we’ve had 20 women per event – nailed it! (Want to join our on-line community or find out when our next event is? Pop over to Women in Business Co Facebook group).

This year has also been massive for personal growth too, in particular conquering my irrational fear of public speaking. You see, I’ve been petrified of public speaking since grade 2 at primary school. And I’m pleased and very proud to say, I’ve stepped up and spoken a few times now and not died once! OK the first time I cried, but each time I’ve improved. And after a lot of work and a few public speaking workshops with Accelerated Training Academy (ATA for short) I’ve hosted an entire WIBCo event by myself and had my very first speaking gig, sitting on a panel of personal branding experts. Ok, it was at a WIBCO event too, but to get up there and speak in front of everyone was monumental for me.

So impressed with the how my confidence soared from attending these workshops and eager to share what I’d learnt to help other business owners conquer their fear public speaking to conquer, the studio hosted ‘Public Speaking – Petrified to Passionate’ workshop with ATA. Looking forward to hosting more workshops with him and others in 2018 to help my clients and other business owners grow and develop.

I also had the pleasure of attending two incredible workshops with Darcy Smyth of Tonal Persuasion Method (or TPM for short), plus have been working with the incredible Shevonne Joyce – getting out of my comfort zone, getting clear and working on my business not just in it.

Great news for those in and around Melbourne and Sydney, we’re coming to you in 2018! We’re currently working out the finer details so you can get the JWP personal branding experience closer to home!

In the spirit of reflecting and a good laugh, here’s some behind the scenes images of what’s been happing in and around the studio in 2017. Rather embarrassing (of me….) but hopefully you find that SUPER entertaining!! Enjoy and it’s ok to laugh – I am!!!


First ever event panel gig at WIBCo (Women in Business Co)! And I didn’t die or cry!!!170808_WIBCo_168170327_Rachel_047-sml170327_Rachel-BTS-sq4

Colourful studio floor for weeks!!!170327_Rachel_120-sml170411_WIBCo_061170421_bts_023-sml171129_RochelleBright_108-sml

Some serious hair action happening here!170612_BTS_020-sml170424_bts_003-JWP-SM171004_Marc_307-sml170428_Kate-BTS_008-sml170320_bts_071-sml

Merry (the studio cat) wanted to get into the photo too!170503_Simone_058-sml 171129_BTS_013-sml 170704_WIBCo_062

Somehow I didn’t get the memo to ‘pose’!170606_WIBCo_119 170612_BTS_006-sml170731_Shevonne_0033-sml170612_BTS_017-sml

The finer details! A notebook doesn’t look realistic unless there’s writing in it. This is what Shevonne wrote when she came into the studio for her personal branding photography session.170731_Shevonne_0604-sml170731_Shevonne_0599-JWP170906_Leisa_327-crop-sml170906_Leisa-bts-1-sml

Hosting the entire WIBCo event on my very own for the first time! Nailed it!!!171031_WIBCo_029Women's portraiture170320_Kate_bts-2

Wishing everyone a great 2018. Thanks for your friendship and kindness throughout 2017. Thanks for all the collaborations and business buddies created along the way too. I’m truly grateful to have you all in my life. Here’s to more fun, laughs and awesome photos!



PS: Want to see behind the scene images for 2016, then click here.

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