Don’t let your buyers forget you?

Essential tips to get the best value from your profile images and grow your business. Are your social media posts not quite hitting the mark lately? Have you noticed a gradual decline in the number of people they’re reaching? Concerning, isn’t it? Fewer people seeing and/or interacting with your posts means there is a massive … Continue reading Don’t let your buyers forget you?

For me, my family and my business!

business and personal portraits, personal branding images, headshots by Jo Westaway Photography, Brisbane

This is Kathryn, owner of Mirribandi, Belgian shepherd dog breeder and show dog champion.  As well as running the business, she's kept busy on her country property, west of Rosewood, caring for her many animals. Along with her forty plus Belgian Shepherds, she has a herd of cattle, several horses, a flock chickens and bunch guinea fowl. Let's not forget her loving husband and … Continue reading For me, my family and my business!

How to make a great first impression!

personal branding, headshot and portraits

In business, 95% of all people you'll meet will see your profile image long before they'll meet you in person. Logically then, the best portraits for business are images that create strong connections and strengthen relationships from the outset. Here are some tips for creating portraits which will improve the likelihood of connecting you to your prospects: It's all in … Continue reading How to make a great first impression!