Behind the scenes 2017

2017 has been an exceptional year, professionally and personally. It's been awesome meeting and working with so many talented and passionate business owners and professionals and an absolute pleasure creating powerful personal branding images for their incredible businesses. It's also been a blast supporting and photographing several Brisbane and Gold Coast business networking events and … Continue reading Behind the scenes 2017

How to get more from your personal branding images!

So, how can you get the most out of your personal branding images? That’s a great question and one which professional branding photographers are asked a lot. Firstly, use them! It might sound like a crazy simple suggestion; however, you’d be surprised at the number of business people who don’t actually get around to using … Continue reading How to get more from your personal branding images!

How to make a great first impression!

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In business, 95% of all people you'll meet will see your profile image long before they'll meet you in person. Logically then, the best portraits for business are images that create strong connections and strengthen relationships from the outset. Here are some tips for creating portraits which will improve the likelihood of connecting you to your prospects: It's all in … Continue reading How to make a great first impression!